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A Hero’s Journey

Engaging the Archetypes on a Path to Transformation

Ego Archetypes Developing Our Relationship to the World, Developing Ourselves
Innocent Source of innocence and optimism; thinks all is good.
Orphan Feels alone and abandoned, then discovers the universe and becomes the Everyman: the part that longs to belong.
Caregiver Nurtures and cares for others, protects self when needed.
Warrior/Hero Makes goals, fights for the self, saves the day.
Soul Archetypes Soul’s Journey, Intimacy, Personal Identity
Seeker/Explorer Source of satisfaction: wants an end to the feeling of unrest; yearns.
Rebel/Destroyer Source of strength: eliminates junk in self and society.
Lover Source of forgiveness: searches for that which is sublime.
Creator Offers Identity, answers what kind of life one wants to create.
Self Archetypes How We Can Bring Our Best Selves Into the World
Ruler Claims own power for good or ill; wants to bring order to chaos.
Sage Attains wisdom, seeks truth, handles ambiguity; matches methods to task at hand.
Magician/Trickster Enables you to fulfill your dreams; combination of creator and destroyer.
Jester Enjoys life and speaks the truth; lives in the in-between.

What Is Your Archetype?

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