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Ruler Archetype



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The Ruler archetype inspires us to take responsibility for our own lives, in our fields of endeavour, and in society at large. If the Ruler overcomes the temptation to dominate others, the developed Ruler creates environments that invite in the gifts and perspectives of all concerned. If the Ruler falls to the corruption of power, a tyrant is born.

The Call Lack of resource, order or harmony, you assume you should exercise control.
The Motto “Power is not everything; it is the only thing.”
Characters Queen Elizabeth, The President, The Lion King.
The Setting Powerful, royal, orderly, responsible, prosperous, self-confident, authoritarian, controlling evidence of status, image, prestige, power – overdressing/overdecorating – the expensive watch, briefcase, nice cars.
Brands American Express, The Vatican, IRS, BMW.
Shadow Tyrannical or manipulative behavior.
Stages Responsibility for their own life. Exerting leadership. Becoming a leader.