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Lover Readings

The Lover is a powerful archetype that can drive us to behave or act in ways we never thought we were capable of, sometimes for the better, sometimes not. Love can be all consuming and comes in different kinds. Familial love, which is love for our family, selfless or altruistic love, mania or obsessive love – romantic love. You could even feel more than one kind of love at the same time! These books all have examples of different kinds of love in different kinds of settings. Some that end well, and some that are more complicated. Do you have a favourite story that would fit this list? Share it with us and we’ll add it.

Peter Pan and Wendy or The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up
 by J.M Barrie

After listening at the window while Wendy tells bedtime stories to her little brothers John and Michael, Peter Pan decides to take Wendy and the boys to his home in Neverland so that Wendy can be a mother for the Lost Boys. Peter takes the children on wild and often dangerous adventures involving Indians, pirates and jealous mermaids. 

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The Chrysalids by John Wyndham

This is the world of David Strorm. As a young child, he often dreamed of a city filled with objects considered fantastical in his world, such as flying machines and carts that move without horses. As David grows older, he realizes that he has the ability to communicate telepathically with certain other children. This ability means that David would be considered to be a Blasphemy in his community.

One of the other children David can communicate with is Rosalind who lives on David’s cousin’s farm. David and Rosalind love each other but cannot be open about their feelings because of a bitter feud between their families. Love and loyalty are complex issues in this alternate world. David also cares deeply about Sophie, his friend who has six toes on each foot and would certainly be killed if his father found out.

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 The Princess Bride: S. Morgenstern’s Classic Tale of True Love and Adventure  by William Goldman. Westley is a farm-boy who works for Buttercup’s father. She takes great pleasure in treating him badly. His response to her anytime she orders him around is “as you wish”. Over time she realizes that when he says “as you wish” what he is really saying is “I love you.” Westley goes off to seek his fortune so that he may have enough money to marry Buttercup, but his ship is attacked by the Dread Pirate Roberts. Believing her beloved Westley is dead, Buttercup agrees to marry Prince Humperdinck, who being the prince is allowed to marry any woman in the land. Before the wedding can take place Buttercup discovers Westley is alive and he find his true love Buttercup engaged to the prince. Much hilarious adventure takes place with a madcap collection of characters and Buttercup and Westley try to get their “happily ever after”.

Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson. Losing a best friend is probably one of the toughest things to go through in life, no matter how old or young you are. The fact that Jess only has Leslie in his life for less than a year makes her loss even more tragic, if that’s even possible: as soon as he finds her, she slips away. But Jess gains so much from his friendship with Leslie – the kinds of life-changing support that almost can’t be put into words – that their mutual transformation is more significant than the fact they only had a little time together. Reading about Jess’s loss and how he deals with it – how he chooses to be brave, look forward, and honor his friend – helps prepare us to deal with future sadness, or honor people close to us who are no longer here. –Schmoop University

Searching for David’s Heart by Cherie Bennet. Darcy Deeton is a twelve-year-old girl who loves her older brother, David. After becoming jealous when he falls in love with Jayne Evans, Darcy inadvertently leads David to his death in a car accident. The Deetons decide to donate David’s most important organ, his heart. Darcy is so guilt-ridden about his death that she is determined to find the person who has his heart so she can find some closure. Darcy embarks on this wild adventure with her best friend, Sam.

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